About Me

I am verily a man which am a Baptist, born in San Jose del Monte, a city in Bulacan, grew up in a christian family and humbly pronounce that I myself believe in the Son of God Christ Jesus that saved me from damnation.

A member of Christian Bible Baptist Church – Los Baños. Serving in the Audio Ministry.

I’m saved year 1999, and was baptized on my 25th birthday.

A very loving and supportive husband of Galilea, since when I made covenant to God with her last September 5, 2016.

I am currently the Chief Administrative Officer of School Inn Corp leading the team of Human Resource, Facilities & Maintenance, Security, and IT staffs.

I also have my own business in the same retail industry, catering musical instruments and their parts and accessories, sporting goods and their parts and accessories, and christian resources, materials and novelty items. I brand it Angeles Symphony.

I do various activities: driving, pondering, analyzing, overthinking, playing musical instruments, cooking, eating, swimming, web surfing, reading, did I mention playing games?

Oh! And I’m a dog person. I have a beagle and he’s wonderful.